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San Diego County Varmint Callers

The San Diego County Varmint Callers (SDCVC)is a Non-Profit service organization whose goal is conservation of wildlife through the control of predators. Membership consists of a group of conservation-minded sportsmen dedicated to providing a non-trapping, non-poisoning alternative of predator control.

Members of SDCVC have donated their own time and personal expenses in effort to help ranchers, farmers and rural owners to limit the damage to personal property caused by destructive predators, particularly, the Coyote.

Although the SDCVC consists of members with varied backgrounds,

including business men, educators, tradesman, law enforcement, and other professionals, they share two very important common denominators - the ability to safely handle firearms and love of the outdoors. In fact, a number of members are Nationally Certified Hunter and Firearm instructors or are representatives of other nationally recognized safety, sporting, and conservation groups.

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San Diego County Varmint Callers, P.O. Box 713186, Santee, Ca 92072